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Living out LOUD


Encouragement from Motus Dance

We live in unique times. Never before have we been pushed to fight harder for things that matter than today. Life has changed so completely for so many of us. I don't have to list the number of ways this relates to your story. You know immediately what that means to you. The word I will give to you is ‘perseverance.’ You have earned the badge of honor that comes with the perseverance required to complete the mission and goal of pushing yourself past fear and back into the world to enjoy your life again.

You came to the studio nervous and hesitant, but have found that which was lost is now found. The simplicity of structure as you place your hand yet again to that familiar ballet barre, the emotions you feel when that choreography speaks to your soul and calls you out as if it was created for you alone, the joy of being reunited again to familiar faces and friendships that go deep, the surprise of trying something new and finding fresh buds of growth and renewal. Your stories are written into these walls. And for many of you, your names, prayers and hopes were written on the subfloor before the marley was laid down and the final preparations were being placed for the opening of Motus.

We begin again to rebuild that which was lost, BUT this year we will build differently...we will build with intentionality. We will make our voices heard and live as LOUD as we can! We understand and do not take for granted these gifts of having a beautiful studio to dance in, healthy bodies that work hard on our behalf, freedom to express ourselves, friendships that are meaningful to our lives and make our walk deeper and more rich. We get to Dance and Dance we shall. Challenge your voice to be louder this year. Challenge your year to be filled with unexpected gifts of surprise and joy. This year will be marked in greatness!!!

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