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Covid-19 Response

Dear Motus Dance Family, like all of you, we have heard the recent news from the CDC about masks.

We have spoken with all of our teachers, as well as many of you this week. We have decided to make masks OPTIONAL in all classes starting Monday, May 24th.

We are leaving it up to you to decide whether you want to wear a mask in the studio or not, and we ask that you continue to respect each other’s choices.

We still recommend social distancing in the studio and especially in classes. We will also continue to provide hand sanitizer and wipes to wipe down barres, mats, weights, etc.. Our cleaning procedures will not change.

We know that some of you are still very concerned about COVID and will continue to wear a mask, and we hope that you will continue to feel safe and respected in the studio.

Thank you!
Janine and Rhonda



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Membership Policies


  • No rollover of unused classes

  • If you take any additional classes after your limit (5 or 12) you will be charged $15/class

  • Membership is a monthly agreement that automatically renews every 12 months unless you cancel.



  • 30-days written notice required for cancellation



  • You can upgrade/downgrade your membership at anytime

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