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Janine Simpson

Founder & Owner

our story

Our story is one many of you can deeply resonate with.

Many of us have come to call our beautiful Alpharetta dance studio “home.” These walls tell stories of deep friendships, passions renewed and found, art and movement that has brought life and vitality to the spirits of many. While we danced and created art, we came to realize we had created much more than just movement.


So, when the doors officially closed, that movement took on a new shape. That shape became motus- is a Latin word for movement and passion, traction and impulse, inspiration and emotion. With all of these movements, we collectively come together again with new vitality and vision, hope and dedication, and deep appreciation for the life we have been given and for the purpose of bringing that life to the exercises we keep.


Each teacher has been handpicked to bring their art, their passion, their creativity to you in hopes that you too will make the journey many of us have made and will come to understand why we call motus “home.”

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