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2022 - New Year Updates

Have you taken Barre Fitness yet? Tuesdays at 9:30am A great class for strengthening and toning your whole body! It helps our ballet technique too! **See how this exercise (picture above) would help strengthen your back attitudes? Mōtus Weekly News! SCHEDULE UPDATES FOR THIS WEEK


7:30pm - Confidently Heel'n with Jay If you're looking to try a fun new class! You need to try this one! Confidently Heel'n is a blend of Heels (think Sassy Jazz) and Hip Hop! And with Jay's enthusiastic, positive vibe!!! TRIPLE THREAT TUESDAYS!!! 5:30pm - (NEW!) REB3L Strength with Delisa 60 minutes of strength training to a fabulous playlist!!! You'll be amazed how quickly the time flies because you're having FUN!!! 6:30pm - Intro to Grooves and Vibes with Raquel A basic Hip Hop class focusing on finding your own grooves and vibes in the choreography! 7:30pm - Confidently Heel'n with Jay Wednesday- NEW CLASSES!!! 12pm - Contemporary with Megan Daytime Contemporary is back! Lose yourself in movement and music, and Megan's gorgeous choreography!!! And you'll see why we call it Dance Therapy!!! 7:30pm - Just Dancing! with DeLisa (Hip Hop grooves) Her first class last week was AWESOME! DeLisa's choreography is a blend of Hip Hop groovin' and dance team precision! She teaches 8 counts at a time and goes over everything so that you can really focus on just dancing!!! Plus, like anything DeLisa does - it's a sweaty cardio workout too! Friday- 10:30am - Ballet with Jacqueline Monthly Rotation- 1st week- Bridget, 2nd week-Jacqueline 3rd week- Molly 4th week- Megan Different teaching styles, perspectives, and techniques each Friday!!! THEN

12pm -POP UP! Class: MIXXED Fit with Renate We are so excited to host Renate - a MIXXED Fit master teacher/trainer (and Zumba instructor) at Mōtus! Let's show her a warm welcome, and get a FABULOUS Cardio workout in!!! What is MIXXED FIT? A people-inspired fitness program that combines explosive dance movements with bodyweight toning. Each song is a new combo and easy to follow along! You will love Renate's hip-hop vibe!

Saturday- THIS WEEK Bollywood Fusion is BACK!!! 11am with Sumera An upbeat, high-energy blend of Bollywood and Hip Hop! January Membership Special!!! 1/2 off the First month of NEW Memberships!!! Apprentice - 5 classes a month - NOW $37.50 ($7.50 a class!!!) Professional - 10 classes a month - NOW $59.50 ($5.95 a class!!!) Elite - 1 month unlimited - NOW $74.50 To purchase, contact or 770-595-2853 Copyright © 2022 Motus Dance, All rights reserved. You are receiving this email because you are a Motus member or provided your email to us. Our mailing address is: Motus Dance735 N Main St Ste 1400 Alpharetta, GA 30009-2410

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