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Passion... and...Movement!!!

That is why we are called mōtus dance!

You may have heard that the reason we gave our studio the name “mōtus” is that the term is a Latin word meaning “movement and passion.” It’s no small thing to place a name on something you love dearly. If you’ve ever given a name to a child you might remember how much thoughtful consideration went into placing that name. Our name was deliberately chosen so that we could tell our story with one word…"mōtus.”

To tell this story well, we will take a side step to discuss the platform created for you. Let’s start with the approach to the faculty and teaching staff at mōtus.

Artists become artists because the drive of their passion for their art creates an overwhelming need to pursue and dedicate themselves wholly to that art. It is created over time with a great deal of care along the way from other artists who have gone the route before them. Eventually, there is a time for every artist to decide if teaching is also a gift they feel they have within them. It’s a separate gift given outside the frame of the original art they were blessed to have been given. To move the gift from the individual artist to the teacher requires the artist to draw out of themselves a deeper desire to craft a class that can teach and instruct, and also nourish and grow each unique student. It’s not enough to simply have a passion for art to become a teacher of it. It requires that a good teacher move that passion out from their singular self to share it with others.

I share this with you for a good reason. It may not be necessary for you to understand the travels an artist or teacher needs to make in providing a good class for you. It is essential though that you know mōtus exists to create an opportunity for you to dance and move with true artists and gifted teachers. It is our primary desire that you get the very best out of every class. That could mean something different for each person. One person may just desire to move, while another may desire to learn, and another to craft their art. Each person in class may come with a different desire of their own. It is our desire to meet you wherever you are. We exist is to create a notably different studio that provides opportunities for growth, to inspire you in such a way that it creates a new path for you in your life, a new passion.

We hope movement creates passion in a variety of different ways so that your lives and existence are richer, more colorful, brighter and more exciting, more thoughtful and valued, more energized, stronger, and more focused. We want the gift of movement to collide with the gift of passion and create vivid colors for your life and the lives of those you surround yourselves with.

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