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Nike chooses Motus Dance

Look what we found when we stopped by the new Nike Avalon store!

The world is your dance floor -- it's time to claim it. We've partnered with Nike by Alpharetta to offer a free dance class to Nike Members who purchase from their new selection of dance-inspired apparel and footwear. Offer while supplies last.

Nike will introduce the story of Dance. Nike Dance serves to inspire movement and self-expression outside the traditional definition of sport. Our goal is to create a dance community by providing access to a safe and inclusive space to move. Nike Dance is a curated assortment that merges key lifestyle and performance products. It enables movement and inspires freedom in the form of self-expression.

We are excited that Nike chose Motus Dance!!!

Go in and check out their new dance apparel and get a free class at Motus Dance! (While supplies last).

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