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Inner Expressions: by Rhonda Henriksen

So much can be revealed to us when we learn to listen and read the language of the body. Dance teaches us to appreciate the fine details that tell the story our inner soul is feeling. There is honesty to the expressions we make through body language that oftentimes tells more of the story of how we feel, then the words we sometimes neglect to say.

Dance can teach us how to read the details. Tuning in to the language of our bodies can help us effectively communicate on a deeper level. We already are subconsciously receptive to the language of our bodies, but when we take the time in a dance class to reflect on each movement, it can bring a sharper awareness to the language you and others make in conversation. This strength awakened in us can help us in life. Dance is so much more than moving the body. The artistry of a simple movement or gesture is never lost when we tune into the more subtle forms of communication.

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