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Living with INTENTION


Motus mornings for a reason

Each morning, set the tone for your day.

So often we start our day unintentionally. We set the alarm clock with just enough time for a quick cup of joe and a rushed breakfast before dropping the kids off five minutes before school starts and getting to work five minutes after our first meeting. We hit the ground running having prioritized physical needs, but leave little to no time to tend to our spiritual needs. Our body is ready, but our hearts and minds haven’t been prepared in the same manner. In a fast-moving world, we wonder why we, as a society, feel increasingly fragmented, despite recognizing that how we choose to begin our day not only sets the tone for the balance of our day, but for the way we live the entirety of our lives.

We at Motus Dance understand the value of intentionality, and beginning your day in a manner that places the spiritual needs we usually forget equivalent to the physical needs we tend to prioritize. We have strategically placed yoga at the forefront of our daytime classes to not only prepare your body, but to prepare the mind to accept all that the day, or even week, may hold. The class is focused on YOU and provides the opportunity to channel what you, as an individual, need to be the very best you can be. Many of the dance classes can be focused on footwork, choreography, placement, etc. Yoga though, is a mindful practice - taking stock of your body’s needs and your inner spirit. We have many different types of Yoga to choose from.

We are fortunate to offer Buti Yoga. Buti means “a cure you didn’t know you needed” in Sanskrit. It is an incredibly creative form of movement and one that is wildly popular on the West Coast. There are only just a few instructors in all of Georgia educated and certified to teach this creative pattern. We are lucky to have 2 instructors in this house! This is cutting-edge work and practice. When you take your first Buti class you will feel that it was indeed a cure you didn’t know you needed.

We also offer Holy Yoga, a Christian-based yoga practice. You can expect Christian music and “the Word” spoken throughout your practice, moving through vinyasa flows. It’s a great start to your morning and if you’re looking for a spiritual start to your day, you have found it in Holy Yoga!

We also offer YogaBarre Fusion classes to start our morning where Yoga is blended with the strength techniques of Barre. We don’t assume the practice of starting your day with yoga can supply what your soul needs in the quiet hours of the morning, but we do hope that you recognize the unique pattern we have set at Motus to begin your day in a way that prepares your body and soul to build strength and peace for the day..

We invite you to practice with us and to create a gentle, reflective, and thoughtful morning preparation setting your mornings on YOU.

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