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Pivot and Change

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Who dreams, or dares, to open up a dance studio during a pandemic? Some would say, “it’s a foolish thing to do.” “It’s not the right time,” others may say. But when in life is anything worth fighting for ever easy? If this time of seclusion has taught us anything, it is to know when to “pivot.” We casually use a pivot in a dance sequence to make a directional turn. A pivot is a transition step. It is often overlooked as an easy, in-between step. But a pivot in life is anything but a casual or easy step.

We were used to the phrase “exercise your dreams” in our beloved studio, Dance 101 Alpharetta. We have so much to thank Ofelia for. She brought us dance with a full heart! She knows how hard it is to fight to keep dreams alive. However, sometimes life takes us down a path and that pivot comes at a time when you least expect it. When we heard the news that our beloved studio was closing its doors, Janine and I had hard decisions to make. Do we let our dreams go, or do we re-create our dreams?

Motus, in Latin, means many things. It means movement and passion, but it also means impulse, emotion, operation and it even means disturbance. At first glance, the word “disturbance” seems not to fit well with the other words used to describe motus. We can all wrap around movement and passion, as so many of us feel deeply passionate about moving. However, sometimes it takes a great disturbance to move the mountains and affect change. It takes disturbance to create the grit needed for the fight to keep the passion alive. The word motus conjures up great strength. It is with strength, passion, grit, and love that we keep these doors open for this community to gather and exercise our body, mind, and soul together in unison.

Dance is unique because it hits at the soul. Oftentimes this is the part that needs the exercise the most, especially after a difficult season. We hope you come to find these doors open for you, to find a community of friendship, but also to provide you a place to celebrate with joy and Thanksgiving. As we prepare next week to bring our blessings around a table to reflect on the hard season we have all been through and to voice yet again the many blessings we do have, we hope you will celebrate with us that we have found a way to keep these doors open and keep the dreams alive.

Thank you for all the support you have shown to us by coming back and dancing with us. It was a fabulous first week! Please invite a friend and share the love!

With so much love,

Rhonda and Janine

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