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New Year! New Journey!

Tradition has it that on the eve of every new year commitments are made to making life changes to create a purposeful life. Oftentimes our list is made with an end goal or result at the back end of the deal the heart has made.

Desires of the heart speak sometimes like this…

“If I lose the weight, buy the house, marry that person, get that job, go on that vacation, move to that city or town then... I’ll be happy.” These are the end results of our inner desires. Perhaps a move or a wedding or a weight loss goal is achieved. That’s wonderful! The only problem is that it won’t complete you or fill you up. There will always be something else on the back end of that.

What if this year you made a commitment to the journey and not the result?

What if you made a choice this year to fill your life with passion and joy, and allowed the results to be the gift?

What if the end result wasn’t as important as the road that took you there?

What if you let go of the outcome and embraced the journey?

Wouldn’t that be a wonderful year full of grace and love and unexpected surprises?

Perhaps you have a goal of losing weight. That’s a good goal. Maybe instead of expecting that the result could only come from a forced measure of hard work….maybe you could embrace the idea that the results will come from thanking your body for its support, and nourishing a perspective of moving your body by feeding it body, mind, and soul? Both routes may take you to the same result, but the latter would arrive at the same destination with a better result because joy and gratitude would have been woven into the journey.

There are many goals we could discuss, but for the sake of a shorter blog, I’ll

keep it simple. The road you take to the desired destination is as important (if not more important) than the result itself.

For every hope, wish or prayer, seal it in with thanksgiving. This life is a gift. Having a thankful and graceful heart is the journey, and the best part of whatever goal you may be reaching for.

So for this new gift of a year, choose an exercise that moves your soul and your body. Choose a path that’s enjoyable rather than a tedious and lifeless path. Enjoy the journey and with an expectant heart look for the blessings that surely will come your way.

With love and gratitude,


Mōtus( ie. movement and passion)

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